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Level 1


The four compulsory acts in Wudhu

Twelve Sunnahs in Wudhu

How to perform Wudhu


When can tayammum be done?

How to do tayammum?

Level 2

Eleven important Fiqh terms

Taking a Bath (Ghusl)

Salah; the making of a Muslim

The call to prayer

The six conditions for prayer

The six compulsory acts in Salah

How to perform the Salah

Zikr and Duas after the Salah

A summary of performing the Salah

Level 3

The Wajibat of Prayer

The Sunnahs of Prayer

The desirable acts in prayer

The undesirable acts in prayer

The acts which invalidate prayer

The Friday Prayer

Requirements for holding Friday Prayer

Sunnah’s of the Sermon

The Eid prayer

Desirable practices on Eid

Performing Eid Prayer

The funeral Prayer

The procedure for the Funeral Prayer

The voluntary Salahs-NAFL Prayers

Combining two Prayers

Level 4


The Blessings of Ramadan & Fasting

Fasting develops Taqwa

Ahmed’s Ramadan Diary

The Fiqh Rulings for Ramadan

What does not break the fast?

The meaning and virtues of Itikaf

Laylat al-Qadr: the night of power

Eid Al-Fitr: A time for celebration and charity

Sadaqah al-Fitr: charity at the end of Ramadan


The meaning and wisdom of Zakah

The payment of Zakah


An overview of Hajj: rules and Conditions

The five days of Hajj

The conditions for the soundness of Hajj

Visiting the blessed city of Madinah

In front of the holy Tomb