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Arabic as Second Language

This course is developed for non-native speakers in which they will be taught how to communicate by mean of Arabic Language. This course contains an extensive material and vocabulary surrounding all aspects of an individual’s life. For the practical implementation, this course consist of such a material that deals with the daily life of homes, Schools, colleges, universities, markets, airports, offices and so on. Students will have the opportunity to avail group classes in which they will communicate in the very language under the supervision of their respective tutor.

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Duration30 min
Session Per Week2
Session Per Month8
Fee per Month£24$34€29CAD 43
Duration30 min
Session Per Week3
Session Per Month12
Fee per Month£36$50€42CAD 63
Duration30 min
Session Per Week4
Session Per Month16
Fee per Month£48$66€55CAD 83
Duration30 min
Session Per Week5
Session Per Month20
Fee per Month£59$82€69CAD 103
Duration30 min
Session Per Week6
Session Per Month24
Fee per Month£71$98€82CAD 123
Duration30 min
Session Per WeekWeekend
Session Per Month8
Fee per Month£26$36€30CAD 45