A very simple campaign where everyone is a winner, the participants have to join all our digital pages available on internet like on
  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google plus
  Once you have followed or liked our domains, we will start placing questions on different platforms among the three of all. User has to regularly check the pages as there is no time specified. The quiz is divided in four quarters; each quarter contains 10 sets of questions. User responding all the ten questions (in first three) will be awarded a surprise gift (to be delivered at your residence). User responding to all the quarters (in top three) will be awarded with a mega gift hamper. Increase your chances to win the contest by spending time on our website   Terms and Conditions
  1. QTVtutor holds the authority to suspend the activity at time of the phase.
  2. QTVtutor is the only responsible body to decide the winner based on their response time.
  3. QTVtutor is not answerable to any query regarding the winners.
  4. All the questions will be published on this listed pages, no other pages will be used.
  5. User claiming about his/her response time will not be considered as there is a evaluation team who will present all the results to the QTVtutor administrations.