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QTV tutor is a leading Virtual Quran and Islamic Studies Institute, founded in 2012, which provides One on One Live class to students around the globe.
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, easy Online Islamic study, 24/7, Flexible timings, connect with QTV Tutor, any device from anywhere.
QTV tutor is devoted to the preparation of religious leaders. Our programs are designed with the young and mature learners in mind. We are not just a simple online school, we are committed to provide you complete online education.
Our courses are designed to meet all age group needs, including Children, Adults, and Professionals. Our tutor's panel consists of highly qualified, dedicated and skilled teachers. As a result our lessons are conducted in a very smooth, timely, and efficient manner that hence translates into ascending progress of our individual students.
QTV tutor mission is to provide Quran and Islamic education, which is par excellence. We endeavor to provide high-quality and appropriate religious mentoring, nurturing and coaching in a consistent manner
Qtv Tutor : Learn quran education | Project of Arytech is devoted to nurturing of academic religious leaders
Alhamdulillah! QTV tutor has emerged as one of the leading online institutes since its inception.

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is equipped with a State of the Art facility with the following salient features:

High speed dedicated Internet bandwidth. with QTV tutor learn quran online
Standby Generator and UPS.
24 hours Maintenance/Support/Backup.
24 hours Security.
Dedicated IT department for prompt and effective support for students and teacher.


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Urdu Language

QTVtutor.com is now offering its students the opportunity of learning Urdu reading, writing and speaking in an easy and effective way. Enjoy interactive classes of Urdu Language with native speaking Urdu teachers. Modern techniques have been used throughout the course. This course is comprised of the following subjects:

      I. Urdu Reading and Writing (10 Lessons).
      II. Conversations and Vocabulary
      III. Composition of Urdu Sentences.
      IV. Urdu Comprehension.
      V. Selected exercises of Verbs and Numbers.
      VI. Tenses; Present, Past and Future. Possessive and Interrogative.
      VII. Lists of Fruits, Vegetables, Food, Edible and Drinkable things; Spices, Lists of Colors, Animals, Birds, Insects, Parts of the Body.
      VIII.Family Relations.
      IX. Numbers from 0-100.
      X. Name of Months in Urdu.

Select Tution Fee's Plan

Duration 30 min
Session Per Week 2
Session Per Month 8
Fee per Lesson ₨ 438
Fee per Month ₨ 3500
Duration 30 min
Session Per Week 3
Session Per Month 12
Fee per Month ₨ 3500