Online Learning The future of Education is E Learning

After the Covid-19 pandemic, E-Learning system has become the new way of learning and getting knowledge. When the whole world was going through the Covid-19 and its severe consequences, the education sector was also disturbed. Online education then helped the students and teachers to continue their work without risking their health and life.

That’s how online education gained popularity and even now when things have started getting normal and people are back to their routine, many educational institutions have adopted this form of schooling. Even though online education was practiced before the pandemic but now this sort of education system has become so common and got a lot of acceptance.

There are many reasons why online education systems are preferred and accepted by people around the globe and why it is assumed that online education systems will be practiced more than physical learning systems in near future. But just like everything online education system has pros and cons which we will discuss in this blog:


Let’s first discuss the pros which come along with this system of education.


Online learning brings a lot of flexibility. If you are learning through recorded sessions or online videos then you can do it according to your convenient time. The students can take their classes whenever and wherever. They can attend their lectures sitting at homes, parks, or even their workplaces. They just need a laptop or tablet and a strong internet connection and they are good to go.


There are many online courses available either academic or non-academic. Many well-known institutions provide online courses and classes these classes can be taken by anyone eligible. You don’t have to travel to that place for attending lectures as you can do that by online session too which helps in saving transport costs and also helps in saving the rent of those who have to stay in hostels for educational purposes.


If you want to learn a certain skill, then you can find a lot of options online. The number of online education platforms is unlimited. You can check different sources and choose the one which goes with your requirements and needs. On one single website you can get a lot of options to choose from.


Now let’s go through some of the cons which online schooling has.


The online education system is beneficial for those only who live in urban areas. The areas which are remote and fall in rural lands mostly can take advantage of this type of education system. The people of such areas don’t have access to strong internet connection and they don’t have gadgets or they know to operate them. Thus, the online education system is not for them and they can’t learn or get an education through this way of the education system.


Teachers and students are unable to socialize due to the online educational system. Additionally, there is a communication gap. While in physical learning people socialize and get along with each other which also aids in mental and physical development but in the online system of education, the socializing skills of students are very less.


Your surroundings might easily distract you in online lessons. If you are taking classes from home or the office, family members or coworkers may bother you or divert your attention with their conversations. Social media apps can also cause distractions.

For example, if you are online listening to a lecture and a notification from a social media site appears, your focus is diverted and you want to check the notification. In contrast, you are prohibited from using electronic devices in classrooms and other learning environments. The environment is also silent, allowing you to focus solely on your studies.


As we all know that excess of anything can be harmful. Constantly sitting in front of the screen for hours can be harmful to your eyesight as well as to your brain development. Online classes sometimes can be of 5-6 hours and facing the screen for this much time can cause serious damage to your eyesight. Some people also face cervical issues at a very early age due to the constant usage of gadgets even for learning purposes.


The system of online schooling has benefits and drawbacks. There will likely be more online education platforms soon, allowing individuals to educate themselves and learn about anything without disrupting their schedules or their convenience, as it appears that the world is evolving and progressing at a faster rate.

The drawbacks of online learning can be mitigated by allowing students to contact with their teachers via emails or texts so that they don’t feel alone and the communication gap can be closed. Frequent breaks can also be provided in between online lessons. As a result, the online education system will gain more recognition in the future and a significant number of individuals will educate themselves online.

One of the online learning options is like  online quran classes , which simulates a regular classroom virtually. Face-to-face instruction takes place between the teachers and the students in real time. Every teaching tool imaginable is available in the classroom, including an interactive whiteboard, real-time audio and video, the sharing of educational materials, the ability to record live lessons, and much more.

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