How to Spend Ramadan Effectively

Ramadan is the time of year when ALLAH (SWT) opens the doors of blessings and repentance for Muslims. This holy month is the golden chance to attain the pleasure of Allah (SWT) and receive rewards and blessings from the creator of the universe. You might be thinking about how to take full advantage of this blissful month so that you can benefit yourself to the fullest. Here we will tell you the efforts we can put into this month and how we should spend our days in this blessed month.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said:

“When Ramadan begins, the gates of Jannah are opened, the gates of Hell are closed, and the devils are chained.” (Riyad as-Salihin 1220)

So why not avail the days of this month to secure a place in Jannah which every Muslim wishes for? Let’s discuss how


Ramadan is the month of increasing spirituality by various means. A Muslim can strengthen his bond with ALLAH (SWT) these days by Quran recitation and understanding of the Holy Quran. Quran brings a person closer to ALLAH (SWT) as he understands the messages of ALLAH and his objective of existence in this world.

Those who can’t understand the Arabic language must try to read the translation of the Holy Quran so that they can understand the teachings of the Holy Book and lead their life according to it. Also, the reward of every good is multiplied by 70 times in this month which means that for every word recitation, we can get 70 times more reward in this month.


The prayer of Tahajjud has unlimited benefits hidden in it. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his companions were particular about this prayer and performed it regularly. Even though the Tahajjud prayer is not obligatory but it has uncountable rewards. The prayers get accepted in Tahajjudd and ALLAH opens the doors of repentance at that specific time.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: 

“During the night there is a time when the Muslim does not ask for the good of this world and the Hereafter but it will be given to him, and that happens every night.” [Muslim]

During Ramadan we have the chance to avail this golden hour, we can wake up a bit early for Suhoor, and before Suhoor we can pray two or more rakats of Tahajjud. We can make wishes at this time. ALLAH (SWT) fulfills the wishes at Tahajjud time.

The verses of Surah Sajda signify the importance of Tahajjud

“Their sides forsake their beds, to invoke their Lord in fear and hope, and they spend (in charity in Allah’s Cause) out of what We have bestowed on them. No person knows what is kept hidden for them of joy as a reward for what they used to do” [Al-Sajdah 32:15-17]


Our religion Islam always emphasizes on helping our Muslim brothers in need. Specially during this month Muslims must use their wealth for helping the people who need it. Charity is the deed that is liked by ALLAH (SWT) and also taught by our Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Charity is an important aspect of Islam, and Ramadan is a particularly auspicious time for charitable giving. Giving to charity during this holy month demonstrates generosity, empathy, and solidarity, and is believed to be rewarded more than at other times of the year. It is also seen as a way to purify one’s wealth and gain spiritual benefits while building a sense of community among Muslims.


Ramadan is the time when a person can groom himself spiritually. During the days of Ramadan, a person must try to cut off bad habits from his and replace them with good ones. One of the main objectives of Ramadan is to practice self-control and patience.

The habits of anger, rudeness, and inappropriate attitude toward the people of society can be eradicated in this month as ALLAH tests our patience in this month and expect us to behave according to the teachings of Islam. 

Screen time must also be reduced this month. We should spend most of our time in Prayers, recitation, Zikar, and asking for repentance from ALLAH (SWT). The excess screen time will stop us from performing our religious deeds and all our time will be wasted doing nothing productive.


Taraweeh is the special prayer that Muslims perform only in the month of Ramadan. This prayer is performed after sha and is of utmost importance .Every Muslim man and woman must pray Taraweeh and should not skip it. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) performed Taraweeh regularly in mosques during the month of Ramadan. Every Muslim man should go to mosques to perform this prayer this way they can also complete their Quran in the month of Ramadan.


Other than above mentioned, several other things can be done in this month to get fruitful results from ALLAH (SWT) in this world and hereafter like:


  • Share food and other necessary items with the less fortunate people.
  • While preparing for Eid, try not to forget the people around you like your house helps, watchmen, and sweepers, and try to buy Eid things for them also.
  • Be patient and show affection towards your children, parents, spouses, and other family members, don’t show anger to them just because you are low on energy due to fasting.
  • Ask forgiveness from ALLAH (SWT) all the time, especially at Iftar time.
  • Sit for I’tikaf and heal yourself spiritually.


In conclusion, the month of Ramadan is when Muslims are encouraged to live according to Islamic principles in order to receive blessings and rewards. Heavenly generosity pervades every second of this month. Every Muslim should have only one objective this month: to maximize its benefits, to spend precious moments in the service of Allah, and to minimize worldly concerns.

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