Hazrat Usman Radi Allahu anhu said that four things were useless and these were:

Knowledge without practice; Wealth without expenditure in the way of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala; Piety for the sake of show prompted by worldliness; A .long life with no stock of good deeds.

Hazrat Usman Radi Allahu anhu said that he loved three things, namely:

To feed the hungry; To clothe the naked; To read and teach the Quran.

Hazrat Usman Radi Allahu anhu exhorted people to acquire two habits, namely:

the habit of speaking the truth; the habit of doing good deeds.

Hazrat Usman Radi Allahu anhu held the following four things as essential:

To associate with the worthy is laudable, but to follow them is essential. To read the Quran is virtuous, but to act according to its injunctions is essential. To visit the sick is meritorious, but to cause them to make their behests is essential, To visit the shrines of Religious men is piety, but to be prepared for death is essential.

Hazrat Usman Radi Allahu anhu said that he was surprised at the conduct of a person:

Who knows the world to be transient, [and still] loves it; Who knows death to be certain, yet does not take it seriously; Who believes in hell, [but still] commits sin

Who believes in the existence of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala [but who nevertheless] seeks assistance from others, Who is aware of paradise, [but is nonetheless] engaged in worldly pleasures; Who knows Satan to be his enemy, [and still] obeys [the] dictates [of Satan]. Who believes in predestination, [but still] feels aggrieved with what happens; Who knows that accounts [are] to be rendered on the day of resurrection [but even so] hoards wealth.

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  1. Mufti Muhammad Khurram Iqbal says:

    Masha Allah very good article.

  2. Mohsin Raza says:

    Awesome Lines and advises to the Ummah.