Hazrat Ali Life And His History

Hazrat Ali (RA) whose full name is Ali Ibn Abu Talib bin Abdul Muttalib was the cousin, son-in-law, and a very close companion of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The name of Ali (RA) comes from the list of the bravest and most courageous companions of the Holy Prophet in Islamic history. Hazrat Ali (RA) belonged to the noble family of Quraish. His mother’s name was Fatimah and his father’s name was Abu Talib who was the chief of the Banu Hashim tribe and also served as the custodian of Kaaba.


Hazrat Ali (RA) was born on 13 Rajab 599 A.D, Friday in Makkah city. The day of his birth is still celebrated with great respect and dignity. The day of his birth is known as Youm-e-Ali. Different programs are held on this day. Food is being distributed among people. The day is celebrated differently in different parts of the world.


Hazrat Ali (RA) married Hazrat Fatima (RA) who was the daughter of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The marriage took place in Madina. The marriage was done with simplicity. He did not marry anyone else in the life of Hazrat Fatima (RA) but after her demise, he married and had 8 wives: Umm-ul-Bunian, Khualah, Umm Habib, Asma, Laila, Umm Saeed, Muhyat, Umama. In total he had 9 wives including Hazrat Fatima (RA).


Hazrat Ali (RA) was the paternal cousin of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Also, he was a fighter in the Holy Prophet (PBUH)’s army. Ali (RA) was also an official scribe to the Holy Prophet (PBUH), he was among those 30 people who used to write the verses of the Holy Quran after its revelation. He married the daughter of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) so he was also the son-in-law of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Hazrat Ali (RA) also comes in the list of four successors of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)


Hazrat Ali (RA) was a courageous warrior. He was known for his bravery and his nature of not fearing anyone. He participated in many battles against the enemies of Islam. He stood like a strong rock against the opponents. He participated in many battles along with the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and protected him without worrying about his own life. Some of the battles in which he participated actively are

The Battle of Badar

Hazrat Ali (RA) played a key role in this battle. The number of Muslims was very little compared to the army of Abu Jahal who was the biggest enemy of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). He showed his heroism in the field by attacking the enemies and sending them deadly blows.

The Battle of Uhud

This was the battle between the Muslims and polytheists. Abu Sufyan the deadly enemy of the Holy Prophet was the leader of the opposite army and challenged the Muslims to fight man to man.

Hazrat Ali (RA) also showed his bravery there by saying:

 ‘By Allah, I will never leave you until I make my sword lead you immediately to Hellfire.’

He attacked one of the main people of Quraish Talhah so violently that he fell to the ground all covered in blood. He made the Quraish weak with this act of bravery.

The battle of Khandaq

The role of Hazrat Ali (RA) in the battle of Khandaq is exemplary. He showed his boldness and strength against Amr ibn Abd-Wudd Al Amiri who was the courageous soldier of Quraysh. He stood against him and attacked him. His heroism won this battle even though the Muslims were in very quantity.


  1. “I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its gate.”
  2. “Ali is the guardian of every believer after me.”


Hazrat Ali (RA) was a very wise man. He stated many mindful things in his life. A few of his inspirational and thoughtful quotes are as follows:


  • “Do not disappoint the one whose hope lies in you”
  • “Beautiful people are not always good, but good people are always beautiful”
  • “Do not try to run after him who tries to avoid you”
  • “Conquer your lustful desires and your wisdom will be perfected”



On the 19th of Ramadan in the year 40 AH (660 CE), an assassin named of Abd-al-Rahman ibn Muljam killed Hazrat Ali (RA). The assassin assaulted the Sahaba while he was leading the Morning Prayer in the mosque in Kufa, Iraq, according to historical reports. After being struck by a poison-coated sword, Hazrat Ali succumbed to his injuries three days later. His passing marked a pivotal moment in Islamic history, and Shia Muslims observe a day of sadness and remembering in his honor. He was given Ghusl by his sons Hasan (R.A.) and Hussain (R.A.) and Abdullah Ibn Jafar (R.A.). Al-Hasan (R.A.) led the funeral prayer for him. Hazrat Ali (RA)‘s shrine is in Najaf and thousands of devotees visit the shrine.

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