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Hazrat Salman Al Farsi (RA) actual name was Ruzbeh belonged to an affluent family in Jayaan near Isfahan in Persia. Hazrat Salman Al Farsi (RA) was the companion of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). He converted himself from Christianity religion to Islam. After his conversion to religion Islam he devoted his life to Islam. He is famously known for his participation in the battle of Khandaq where he used his intelligence and saved the Muslims of Madina from enemies. He also played a vital role in teaching Islam to other communities.


Hazrat Salman Farsi (RA) belonged to the Jayyan village. His father was a very rich man in that village and was also serving as the chief of the village. He used to love his son a lot.

Father of Salman (RA) owned a sizable land that produced an abundance of crops. He took care of the estate and harvested the crops.

He told Salman one day,

“My son, as you see, I am too busy to go out to the estate now,”

as he went about his responsibilities as the village’s Dihqan. For me today, go handle those things there.


Hazrat Salman (RA) passed a Christian church on his route to the estate and overheard voices raised in prayer, which caught his interest. He had no knowledge of Christianity or, for that matter, other religions or their adherents. His father had isolated him inside the house from outsiders.

Out of curiosity, he entered the church and was impressed by their praying manner. He felt attracted to their religion and said,

“This religion is better than ours.”

When his father came to know of his inclination towards Christianity, he confined him in the house, but Hazrat Salman Farsi so wanted to know about Christianity that he ran away from the house and went to Syria to learn more about the religion.


On reaching Syria, he went to the church and accepted Christianity he served the bishop of that church for a long time. After some time, he found out that the bishop was a greedy person and kept all the donations given to him for charity.

After the death of that bishop, he went to Mosul and Amuriyah, serving different bishops. The last bishop, at the time of his death, told Hazrat Salman (RA) that there will be a prophet expected in the city of dates he won’t eat any food given to him as a donation but will accept the food as a gift.

Hazrat Salman (RA) asked the people of Ammuriyan to take him to Madina, but they betrayed him and sold him to the Jews. The Jews then sold him to the Banu Qurayzah, who took him to Madina.

Hazrat Salman was excited to see the Holy Prophet in that city. He first offered food to the Holy Prophet (PBUH), which he did not accept, but when given as a gift, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) accepted it. Later, Hazrat Salman found out about the prophethood of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) by seeing the mark on his back.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH), after knowing the struggle of Hazrat Salman (RA), freed him from slavery by paying 1600 silver coins and by giving 300 planted trees. He became the companion of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and accepted Islam as his religion.


During the battle of Khandaq, Hazrat Salman Farsi (RA) showed his wisdom and intelligence by building a trench at the entry point of Madina. All the disbelievers of Makkah gathered to attack Madina, and the number of Muslims was so small as compared to the people who were about to attack Madina.

Hazrat Salman (RA) suggested building a huge trench so that no enemy could enter Madina. The depth of the trench was about 5 feet, while the longitude was enough to cover the whole entrance to the city. This idea of Hazrat Salman (RA) worked so well that all the Muslims of Madina were saved from the attack of enemies. This trick was very new for the people of Arab as well, and they were also quite impressed by his wisdom.

During the caliphate of Hazrat Umar, Hazrat Salman was also appointed as the governor of Madina. Even though he was the governor of Madina, he led a simple life. He did a lot of charity and did not keep any money for himself. He also knitted baskets during his governance to earn his livelihood.


Hazrat Salman (RA) lived for 250 years while some scholars believe that he lived for 350 years.Ali bin Abi Talib traveled to Madina after Salman had passed away to perform a ghusl on his body, enshroud it, and then offer funeral prayers before burying him in a cemetery. He died in Madina and his grave is also in Madina.


Hazrat Salman Farsi was a man of wisdom and bravery. He was always in search of true religion and finally turned towards Islam and followed it till his last breath. He became one of the closest companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and was the first Iranian to accept Islam in the lifetime of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

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