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It is said that a child’s brain is like plain paper, whatever you write on it they will learn. As Muslims we all want our children to learn and understand our religion if you want to teach Islam to your kids, it is important to teach them from a very early age.

But teaching children is a bit different from adults; their way of learning varies from adults. To make them learn about Islam parents and teachers must be creative.
The simplest and most fun way to teach the kids about Islam is through storytelling.

You can teach your kids about the principles of Islam and what Islam has taught through different stories. This way the children won’t get bored and will take a keen interest in the learning process and will remember the lessons throughout their lives.
In this blog we will discuss some Islamic Stories which you can read to your children that will help in developing their bond with Islam and Allah (SWT):


The story of Hazrat Adam (AS) should be taught to children that how ALLAH (SWT) created Hazrat Adam (AS) and Bibi Hawa and gave them high status among His creations. The story tells that Hazrat Adam (AS) was living in heaven along with Bibi Hawa.

They were living a prosperous life there, but they were sent to this Earth for a purpose and we all are their offspring.


Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) was also known as the friend of Allah. His nation used to worship idols. Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) tried to teach them that there is no God except Allah (SWT), but his people did not listen to him, and all his teachings fell on deaf ears.

At last, Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) had to destroy all their idols. His people turned against him and threw him on fire, but ALLAH (SWT) helped him and turned the heat of the fire into coolness and the fire did not harm Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)


Hazrat Noah (AS) was one of the prophets sent by ALLAH (SWT) to guide the people and tell them about the oneness of Allah. Hazrat Noah (AS) tried so hard to make them believe in Allah and his oneness, but the people of that time did not believe in him and continued worshipping idols.

So, ALLAH (SWT) ordered Hazrat Noah (AS) to build a ship and take those who believed in ALLAH (SWT) and his oneness along with him. People who did not change themselves and were disbelievers were punished by ALLAH (SWT) and drowned in flood.


Hazrat Younus (AS) was sent to the people of Nineveh, during a time when they were worshipping idols. His nation rejected him and Prophet Younus (AS) departed Nineveh out of desperation.

Allah sent horrifying clouds to punish them but his people became aware of their mischief and started to beg Allah for forgiveness. You will learn how and why Prophet Younus (AS) was swallowed by a whale.


Hazrat Musa (AS) was also the prophet of ALLAH. He was sent to teach people about the oneness of ALLAH. Firoun who was a powerful and arrogant ruler of that time was against Hazrat Musa (AS) and his preaching.

But Hazrat Musa (AS) stood against him like a strong rock and did not stop preaching Islam. Allah (SWT) punished Firoun because of his pride and arrogance and helped Hazrat Musa (AS) in leaving his land.


Hazrat Esa (AS) was the son of Bibi Mariam and was born miraculously without male intervention. Allah (SWT) blessed Hazrat Esa (AS) with many miracles he talked and told people that he is a blessing sent by ALLAH when he was just an infant in his mother’s arms.

Other than that, he could heal the sick, create the birds, and revive the dead all with ALLAH’s will.

When the Jews found out about Hazrat Esa (AS) and his miracles they plotted to kill him, but ALLAH (SWT) saved Hazrat Esa (ASA) and raised him directly to heaven.


The life of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is an example for every Muslim and we as Muslims should learn about the life of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and how he spread Islam.

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) spent his entire life preaching and practicing Islam.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) was sent as Rehmat Ul Alimeen, and he was a blessing to the entire universe. He taught us how to live life and how to deal with hardships. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) was a living example of love and peace and that’s what he taught us.

There are many other Islamic stories that you can tell your kids and tell them about the religion Islam.

Our religion is full of knowledge and wisdom, and you can tell your children about the exemplary life of different Prophets because every story has a strong lesson with it.

Allah says in Qur’an:

So narrate (to them) stories (of the past), so perhaps they will reflect. (7:176)

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