Hazrat Abu Darda who accepted Islam after the battle of Badr

Story of Hazrat ABU DARDA (RA)

Hazrat Abu Darda (RA) was the merchant of Madina who accepted Islam after the battle of Ghazwa Badr. He belonged to the Al Harith clan of the Banu Khazraj tribe. After accepting Islam he became the companion of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and used to record the ayats of the Quran when revealed on Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Hazrat Abu Darda (RA) was a man of virtue and taught people about the teachings of the Quran and the Holy Prophet (PBUH).   He practiced simplicity all his life and the same he taught people that these worldly things and luxuries are of no use and that only our deeds and actions will help us when we will leave this world and on the day of judgment.

How He Become a Muslim:

Hazrat Abu Darda (RA) was the last one in his family who accepted Islam. Abdullah Bin Ruwaha (RA) tried many times to convert him to Islam but he always turned deaf ears towards him. Once Abdullah (RA) saw that Abu Darda (RA) is leaving for somewhere and leaving his house he entered his house from the back door and broke the idol Abu Darda (RA) used to worship, Abu Darda’s wife tried to save the idol but she failed to stop him. When Abu Darda (RA) reached home back he was so shocked to see the idol he worshipped every day being broken into bits and pieces and shattered all over the ground. He was so angry watching all this but all of a sudden he realized that the idol he used to pray couldn’t save itself.
He said: “If the idol had been something useful, it would have defended itself.”


Hazrat Abu Darda (RA) was a very simple man. He and his wife used to spend a very simple life. Their way of living was very modest. Once a friend visited Hazrat Abu Darda‘s house and was astonished to see the condition of his house. He saw that the length of the house is shorter than a man standing and the space was very less and narrow. The utilities in the house were very little and less than the basic requirements. When the friend asked Hazrat Abu Darda (RA) why his house was in such a condition Hazrat Abu Darda (RA) said that this is not his permanent house, he will move to a new place and he is arranging good things for there only. After a few days, the same friend visited him again and asked why is he still living in this place and not moved to the new place he was talking about then Hazrat Abu Darda (RA) explained to him that his new and permanent house will be his grave and he wants to live there peacefully


Hazrat Abu Darda (RA) was a kind and gentle man. He was merciful not only with human beings but also with animals. He had so much love for animals and always cared for them. Whenever someone lends a camel from him he used to direct them to not put much load on the camel as they can bear it. This shows that Abu Darda (RA) had a very kind heart and was sensitive toward animals also.


After accepting Islam, Hazrat Abu Darda (RA)’s only objective was to teach more and more about Islam and its messages. He used to teach Quran to the students. He was very devoted to his job. Abu Darda (RA) was a very knowledgeable and wise man. He specialized in Quran in a very small time and also had enormous knowledge about Hadiths, Fiqh, and Tafsir. He did not keep his knowledge to himself but arranged different classes in mosques where he could transfer his knowledge to others also. Abu Darda (RA) narrated almost 100 hadiths of the Prophet (PBUH). Some of these are:

“Whoever protects his brother’s honor, Allah protects his face from Fire on the Day of Resurrection.”[5]

If a Muslim is harmed and forgives the person who harms him, Allah Almighty will elevate his rank and forgive one of his mistakes.

Other than that there are many more Hadith of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that Abu Darda (RA) narrated and told its meaning and context to the people.


As Abu Darda (RA) was an honest, kind, and wise man, Hazrat Usman wanted him to join the government service but he refused every time. Once Abu Darda (RA) sought permission from Hazrat Usman of going to Damascus so that he can teach the people of Damasus about the Quran and Hadith. Hazrat Usman (RA) told him that he can only allow him if he accept his offer of joining the government as Abu Darda eagerly wanted to go to Damascus, he accepted the offer of  Hazrat Usman. On reaching Damascus he continued his work of telling the people about Islam and the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The people of Damascus were so impressed by his wisdom and intelligence.

Muadh bin Jabal, once said about the wisdom of Abu Darda (RA):

“O Abud-Darda! The sky has not shadowed anyone more knowledgeable than you, and the earth did not carry anyone more knowledgeable than you.”


Hazrat Abu Darda (RA) died in Alexandria (Egypt) in 652 CE when he was seventy-two years old. Some researchers also believe that he died in Damascus. The Grave of Abu Darda (RA) is in Abu Darda mosque situated in Damascus. The mosque is open for all prayer times and the tomb of Abu Darda is situated on the eastern side. Hazrat Abu Darda (RA) spent his life for Islam. His love for religion and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was unmatchable. He was always devoted to his duties for Islam. Even when he became the Governor of Syria his attitude did not change and he stayed the same simple and humble as he was before.

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