The month of Rabi Ul Awal possesses a lot of importance in Islamic history and the reason for the significance of this month is that many events took place during this holy month. Other than the birth of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), the migration of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) from Makkah to Madina is also a historical occurrence that took place in Rabbi Ul Awal’s month.


The Holy Prophet (PBUH), when started preaching Islam to the people of Makkah, faced many difficulties and there were many hurdles that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) had to face, there were many people specially the people of the Quraish tribe went against him and his teachings.

They became the enemies of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and were after the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The Holy Prophet PBUH) were quite aware of the intentions of his enemies as they made the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) miserable and wanted to kill him.

As the conditions were getting worse and things were getting out of control, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) after the death of his wife Hazrat Khatija (RA) and his uncle Abu Talib decided to migrate.

Many people from the two tribes of Madina Ous and Khizraj accepted Islam before migration. The people of those tribes suggested Holy Prophet (PBUH) shift from Makkah to MADINA.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) after being declared the last prophet of Allah lived in Makkah for over 13 years and tried to spread Islam among the people of Makkah.


Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA) had to migrate to Madina but the Holy Prophet (PBUH) made him wait as He (PBUH) wanted Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA) to accompany Him during migration.

Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA) was very happy with the decision of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA) kept a camel for Holy Prophet (PBUH) for travelling from Makkah to Madina. The name of the camel was Qiswah.

One night the Quraish decided to kill the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Allah (SWT) told Holy Prophet (PBUH) about the evil plans of Quraish and asked the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to migrate to Madina.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) then started travelling from Makkah to Madina along with Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA) but to misguide the people of Quraish he didn’t go to Madina directly he went in the opposite direction and stayed in the cave of Thor.

The people of Quraish somehow found the cave and went there to find Holy Prophet (PBUH) but ALLAH (SWT) created a web of spiders there and sent some pigeons there who laid eggs there.

The Quraish thought that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is not inside as the webs are quite old and no one has entered there for ages. This event is also explained in Quran:

“He being the second of the two when they were in the cave, and when Muhammad said to his companion, “Grieve not, surely God is with us”. Then God came to their help. And protected them with an army Which they saw not.” {9:40}

After staying in the cave for three days and three nights, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) started travelling to Madina. The slave of Hazrat Abu Bakar brought two camels there and then the Holy Prophet with Hazrat Abu Bakar started their journey on those camels.

The distance between Makkah and Madina is three hundred and fifty kilometres and at that time it used to take eleven days to travel from Makkah to Madina but the Holy Prophet (PBUH) covered the distance in eight days. He (PBUH) used to travel at night and take rest in the daytime to protect himself from the enemies and desert heat.


After completing the journey, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) did not go to Madina directly, he stayed at Quba a few miles away from the city where Hazrat Ali (RA) also joined Him. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) stayed there for fourteen days and also built Masjid-e-Quba there.

The people of Madina were very excited to welcome the Holy Prophet (PBUH) into their city. They welcomed the Holy Prophet (PBUH) with so much love, respect, and warmth. The children were also very happy to see the last prophet of Allah in Madina and chanted in loud voices:

“Tala-Al Badru Alaina

Min Thanayatil Wadai

Wajaba-Shukru Alaina

Ma Da’a Lillahi Da’i”

“The full moon is shining on us from the area of gardens. We must offer thanks (to Allah) so long as anyone prays before Allah.”

“Ayuhal Mab-Uthu Fiina

Je’ta Bil Amril Mutai

Je’ta Shar-Raftal Madina

Marhaban Ya Khaira Dai”

“O’ the one sent to us; you have come with commands which we shall obey. You came and graced Madina, we salute and welcome you, ‘O’ the best caller (towards Allah). “



The migration of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) from Makkah to Madina taught us the lesson of sacrifice, brotherhood, and ease after hardships.

The event helped us to understand that when we are on the right path, we have to face many problems and difficulties but the people who have strong faith in Allah can face these difficulties and hurdles, and there is ease and comfort for them after all complications.

The migration taught us about love and brotherhood and how the Ansars (Helpers) helped the Muhajir (immigrants) in the new city. Other than that, this event marked the beginning of the Islamic calendar which is also called the HIJRI CALENDAR

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