Hazrat Musa (AS)

The name of Hazrat Musa (AS) has been mentioned several times in the Holy Quran. Hazrat Musa (AS) was the messenger and prophet of ALLAH. He was sent into the world to convey the message of ALLAH (SWT) and to help people know what is wrong and what is right.

He was also sent to stop the people of Bani Israel from worshipping false Gods and to believe in the oneness of ALLAH.

Almighty ALLAH says: “Indeed, We revealed the Torah, containing guidance and light, by which the prophets, who submitted themselves to Allah, made judgments for Jews. So too did the rabbis and scholars judge according to Allah’s Book, with which they were entrusted and of which they were made keepers.

So do not fear the people; fear Me! Nor trade my revelations for a fleeting gain. And those who do not judge by what Allah has revealed are ˹truly˺ the disbelievers.” (QURAN 5:44)


Allah (SWT) sent Hazrat Musa (AS) as the prophet to teach people that ALLAH is the only God and to save the people from Fir’aun who acted as the superior of all. Fir’aun portrayed himself as the most powerful person. He was an evil person and did not believe in ALLAH (SWT).

In this story, we will learn how Hazrat Musa (AS) taught Fir’aun a lesson and he saved the people from his evilness.


When Musa (AS) was born, Fir’aun was the most politically volatile period in history. Egypt’s pharaohs, also known as Fir’aun, wielded absolute sovereignty over the nation.

He claimed to be a deity, and no one could refute this because he was so extraordinarily strong. He organized the populace into classes, factions, and tribes, and pitted them against one another. The Jews, the descendants of Israel, were positioned at the bottom of Egyptian society.

They were the household help and slaves. The children of Israel were the source of Musa’s (AS) family.


A short while when Hazrat Musa (AS) was born Fir’aun had a dream that a boy from bani Israel will soon bear and destroy Fir’aun’s kingdom. Then Fir’aun ordered soldiers that every male child born in bani Israel should be killed so soldiers search every house of Israelis to respect the order of Fir’aun.

When his mother heard this news she get frightened and planned to put Musa (AS) in the basket and put the basket into the river. Holy Quran mentions the event with these words: “So We sent this inspiration to the mother of Moses: “Suckle (thy child) but when thou hast fears about him cast him, into the river, but fear not nor grieve: for We shall restore him to thee, and We shall make him one of Our messengers.” (Quran, 28:7)

The basket went towards the kingdom of Fir’aun when Fir’auns wife saw the basket she took the basket out from the river and when she opened the basket she saw a small newborn baby boy inside a basket. Then, Fir’aun’s wife, Asiya wanted to adopt the child and requested Fir’aun to adopt the child and Firaun agreed.

Asiya called the women to feed the baby but the baby rejected everyone’s milk except one woman, the woman was none other than his mother. She was very happy that ALLAH (SWT) provided an opportunity to see his child daily.


In Fir’aun’s home, Hazrat Musa (AS) grew up and had exposure to political concerns. When He (AS) was an adult, He (once) got into a clash with an Egyptian and an Israelite, which led to the latter being carelessly killed.

He travelled to the Madyan and wed Safura, Prophet Shuaib’s (AS) daughter. He stayed in Madyan for a while before departing to go back to Egypt. Hazrat Musa (AS) and his wife, who had been disoriented while travelling to Egypt during the harsh winter night, spotted a fire in the distance.

He instructed his wife to stay still while he went to the fire intending to bring something back. Musa (AS) approached the flames and heard a voice exclaim, “O Musa, I am your Lord”.

ALLAH (SWT) asked him to place his stick on the ground fearlessly and when he did so it turned into a snake. Afterwards, he was ordered to go to Fir’aun and tell him that he is a prophet of ALLAH but Fir’aun did not believe him. He showed him his miracles but Fir’aun ordered the greatest magician of the time to counter the miracle of Musa (AS).

Magicians threw the ropes on the ground and it started to move but when Hazrat Musa (AS) put the stick onto the ground it turns into a big snake which ate all the snakes, everyone, there was shocked The magicians immediately realized that this was no magic but a miracle, and prostrated saying, “We believe in the faith of Musa”.

Hazrat Musa (AS) was ordered to warn Fir’aun if he would not accept Islam he would be punished badly but he was too proud to listen to his warning so, for punishing him and his followers the country was hit by famine. Swarms of locusts ate away the crops.

The river Nile flooded its banks causing great destruction. The people were afflicted with lice and tumours. When all of this happened the people rushed to Hazrat Musa (AS) asking him to pray for their relief and promised to follow his religion.

But when they were cured and the situation improved, they returned to worship their false gods Bani Israel populace was gathered by Musa (AS), who then departed for Palestine. Fir’aun pursued them with a massive force after learning of their escape.

When Musa (AS) and the Bani Israel travellers arrived at the Red Sea, they saw Fir’aun coming and were certain they would perish. However, when Hazrat Musa (AS) hit the sea with his stick, the water split, leaving a dry road. People passed without incident.

Fir’aun led his troops into the water when he noticed the route. But as he and his soldiers were in the middle of the ocean, the water suddenly closed in on them. Fir’aun and his army perished in the river in this manner through drowning.


Hazrat Musa (AS) was blessed with many miracles by ALAH (SWT). His miracles helped him to make people believe in ALLAH and his prophet hood. Some of the miracles of Hazrat Musa (AS) are:


Hazrat Musa (AS)’s right hand used to be lighting when he inserted into the bosom hidden beneath his shroud. It was a miracle performed by Hazrat Musa (AS) to bolster his fervent for ALLAH.


A miracle that can be credited to the prophet was the provision of prepared food from the heavens so that they could eat food without any worries.


Hazrat Musa (AS) was told to strike his miracle stick on a rock while they were searching for water in the Tih desert. A single rock in the desert might ignite 12 water fountains ALLAH provided 12 water fountains to the 12 tribes of the Bani Israel.


Once a boy killed the uncle of his lover and left the body at his neighbor’s house the neighbor was suspected of killing the man. ALLAH (SWT) nonetheless commanded them to butcher a cow and strike a chunk of flesh against the corpse. The victim briefly regained consciousness and revealed who had killed him.


The lesson we learnt from the life of Hazrat Musa (AS) is that ALLAH is the only GOD and there is no other GOD except him. Another message of this story is that EVERY PRIDE HAS A FALL.

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