Shab E Meraj

Al-Isra Wal Meraj also known as Shab-e-Meraj is the holy night when the last messenger of ALLAH – the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was taken to the 7 heavens and got the honor to meet the creator of the universe ALLAH (SWT).

This honorable journey of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) happened on the night of the 27th of Rajab. The time when the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was facing severe hardships and going through a time in his life due to the passing out of his two major support systems. That’s when ALLAH (SWT) asked Hazrat Jibrael to bring him to the heavens.


Hazrat Jibrael (AS), on the command of Allah (SWT), went to the Holy Prophet to take him on the journey to the heavens. The Holy Prophet was sleeping on his bed at the time Jibrael appeared in front of him. Hazrat Jibrael woke him up and took him towards a white animal known as Buraq who took the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to Masjid E Aqsa.

During his journey towards Masjid E Aqsa, the angel Jibrael stopped the Buraq at many pious places and asked the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to pray there as those were the places where many historical events took place. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) prayed near the tree where ALLAH (SWT) talked with Hazrat Musa (AS), the Mount of Sinai where the Torah was revealed, the grave of Hazrat Musa (AS), and at Bethlehem where Hazrat Esa (AS) was given birth.

After reaching Masjid E Aqsa, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was informed to lead the prayer there, and every Prophet from the time of Hazrat Adam (AS) till the time of Hazrat Isa (AS) will pray behind him as a sign of accepting the superiority of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).


After visiting Masjid E Aqsa the Holy Prophet began his journey with Hazrat Jibrael (AS) toward Heaven. He met eight Prophets on the seven Heavens and all of them greeted the Holy Prophet (PBUH) with gratitude and huge respect by 

saying ‘Welcome, O pious Prophet and pious brother!’ (Bukhari).

(Adam (A.S.) and Ibrahim (A.S.), however, welcomed him as a ‘pious son’).

The Prophets he met on seven heavens are:

  1. First Heaven- Adam (A.S.)
  2. Second Heaven – Isa (A.S.) and Yahya (A.S.)
  3. Third Heaven – Yusuf (A.S.)
  4. Fourth Heaven – Idris (A.S.)
  5. Fifth Heaven – Haroon (A.S.)
  6. Sixth Heaven – Musa (A.S.)
  7. Seventh Heaven – Ibrahim (A.S.)

(Sahi-Bukhari: 3027)

After crossing the seven heavens, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) had the honor of meeting ALLAH SWT – an honor that was not given to any prophet except the Holy Prophet (PBUH). When the Holy Prophet was taken to Al Bait Al Mamur ( the house of ALLAH on the top of all heavens), he asked Jibrael (AS) about the place on which Jibrael answered:

“This is Al Bait- Al-Mamur where 70,000 angels perform prayers daily and who attends it never will never be able to again attend this blessing”. (Sahih Bukhari: 3207)

Jibrael then took the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to Sidrat Ul Muntaha – a huge lote tree- this was the end of all heavens and no one was allowed to cross it except the Holy Prophet (PBUH) who was permitted to cross it and meet ALLAH (SWT)


On the night of Shab E Mairaj, ALLAH (SWT) blessed the Holy prophet with the two gifts: Namaz (SALAH) and the last verses of Surah Baqra. Initially, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was given 50 salahs as a gift for him and the whole Muslim Ummah but the Holy Prophet (PBUH) requested ALLAH (SWT) to decrease the number of prayers so that every Muslim can offer it with ease.

So the number of prayers decreased to five which are Fajar, Zuhar, Asar, Maghrib, and Isha but the reward of prayers remains like 50 prayers.

Moreover, ALLAH (SWT) also told the Holy Prophet (PBUH) on that night that all the major sins of Muslims will be forgiven except those who associated partners with ALLAH.


The event of Mairaj has also been mentioned in the verses of the Holy Quran:

“Holy is He who carried His servant by night from the Holy Mosque (in Makka) to the farther Mosque (in Jerusalem) – whose surroundings we have blessed – that We might show him some of Our signs. Indeed He alone is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.” (Quran 17:1)


This exceptional and miraculous journey of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) from Makkah to Jerusalem and then to the heavens has been mentioned by the Holy Prophet in many of his hadiths.

  • According to a Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “I saw Moses praying in his grave” (Sahih Bukhari). According to a Hadith narrated by Abdullah bin Masud (RA), the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “During the night journey, I met Ibrahim (Abraham) who welcomed me and greeted me, and said: ‘You are welcomed, O righteous Prophet and a righteous son'” (Sunan Abu Dawud).


  • According to a Hadith narrated by Anas bin Malik (RA), the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said,

    “I was brought al-Buraq, who is an animal white and long, larger than a donkey but smaller than a mule, who would place its hoof at a distance equal to the range of vision. I mounted it and came to the the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, where I found Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. I led them in prayer and then ascended to heaven” (Sahih Bukhari).


In a nutshell, Al Isra Wal Mairaj is miraculous and of its kind event which happened in history. This is the night when the last messenger of ALLAH (SWT) met Him and brought the gifts of Salah for every Muslim. This night is among the few events that are mentioned in the Holy Quran and Hadiths which shows that how significant this night is. We as Muslims must involve ourselves in good deeds. We should double our worship and increase our prayers so that we can please ALLAH (SWT) on this rewarding night.

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