Stay Silent Or Talk Meaningful

Words are something that can make you a desirable or undesirable person in other people’s eyes. Your tongue is something that can show your entire personality. Islam is the religion that tells us how to lead a well-mannered life and its etiquette. Talking unnecessarily can lead to sins like backbiting or sometimes lying. Islam has always taught Muslims to stay silent and talk only when needed. Beating about the bush is not a trait of Muslims and is not encouraged in our religion.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) whose life is a lesson for us always preferred being silent and talking only about meaningful and thoughtful things. His words were always sensible and full of wisdom. He never talked badly or falsely about anyone and did not hurt anyone with his words. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: “Whoever believes in God and the Last Day should speak a good word or remain silent” [Al-Bukhari].

We being Muslim must also adopt this quality of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) as being silent is the quality of a good Muslim and is liked by ALLAH (SWT) as well. If you do have not anything good to say then it is better to keep quiet. Staying silent at the right times also have many benefits:


Speaking evil can bring negativity to your soul and heart. Speaking more can give birth to negative emotions like hatred, grudge, and ego.

It is therefore preferred in Islam to not talk any senseless or bad things. The benefits of being quiet in Islam include the ability to contemplate inside, which only results in a clear, peaceful heart that is free of all ailments. It is said that if you have anything good to say it is better to remain silent.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) once said:

“Don’t talk much unless for zikr to Allah, because much-talking leads to an indomitable heart and the furthest human from Allah is the one with an indomitable heart, those who are unwilling to receive guidance.” [Tirmidi]


Being silent is a quality of an intelligent and thoughtful person. Those who stay silent and refrain from any backbiting or evil talking invest their time and energy in mindful deeds.

They use their wisdom in such deeds which are helpful to human beings and are liked by ALLAH (SWT). It also decreases the signs of aging in people and protects them from anxiety and depression.


Talking less also helps us to purge ourselves of sin. It guards us against actions that are against Islamic law and may make Allah angry. Speaking without a purpose can occasionally harm others. If you tend to make fun of and bully people frequently, this can be a serious sin. Offending, another person is equivalent to offending Allah.


Allah has promised to reward those who refrain from speaking nonsense with enormous wealth in the hereafter. Instead of concentrating on finding pleasure in this world, we should do things that will help us in the hereafter.

A quiet Muslim holds a higher standing than others. Allah appreciates people who refrain from speaking unneeded things. Muslims typically spend most of their time contemplating and constantly observing silence.


Islam has traditionally placed a strong emphasis on treating people well and being humble. Being a religion of love and peace, Islam constantly emphasizes the importance of being kind to one another and refraining from using offensive language.

A hadith of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) says:

A Muslim is the one who avoids harming Muslims with his tongue and hands (Bukhari: 10).


Not only religiously but talking less also endure scientific advantages. Doctors all around the world suggest their patients who deal with depression, anxiety, and face panic attacks do meditation. Meditation also includes being silent for some time and purifying your mind, soul, and heart from all sorts of negative vibes in your surroundings.

Other than that being silent also helps in curing insomnia. Those who find difficulty in sleeping are asked to talk less as it helps create peace of mind and with a peaceful mind, a person can easily go to sleep.

Additionally, silence helps in curing heart diseases. It helps in the development of new brain cells and increases the IQ level of an individual. It brings stability and harmony to the mind and body.


Being silent at right time is a powerful weapon. It is a sign of a smarter person. A person should speak only if he knows that his words will not harm anyone and are better than his silence. Being silent is sometimes considered a weakness but Islam teaches us that those who remain silent are full of wisdom and strength. They have the mental strength to save themselves from wrong and evil deeds.

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